Pronesti Surveying performs topographic surveying for purposes of site plans, major and minor subdivisions (see subdivision category), GIS base mapping, and government variances as well as others.
    Our final map is very clear and informative. Our use of the latest engineering and surveying software makes it very simple to exchange files between our office and engineering and architectural firms for the purpose of site development.

Recent projects:
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The scope of a Topographic Survey may include:

    - Metes and Bounds Survey
    - Location of physical features on site
    - Spot elevations on site
    - Spot elevations at top and bottom of curbs along street
    - Finished Floor Elevation
    - Contours
    - Available utilities above and below ground
    - Rim and inverts on sanitary and storm structures
    - Location of street hardware
    - Location of any tree lines and wooded areas
    - Description of Property
    - 200' Radius Area Map